2020 Statutum Est.


Sup, we're pantsudev and we're doing some VN stuff.

Namely, we're translating an adult 2019 Visual Novel called

True Love's Lily Dyes Red

Manakashi no Yuri wa Akaku Somaru

Probably shouldn't spell out the Japanese name here.
Let me tell you, this homepage is asking for trouble from the get-go.



We're a ragtag bunch of cool misfits with a slightly twisted taste in interactive cartoons and an obsession to hone our skills in translation, creative writing and gamehacking. Well, yumi is, anyway. Can't really speak for the others.This page is mostly just filled with cheeky nonsense, but by now we have somehow become an actual crew, so allow me to introduce the team:Lead: yumi
Translators: yumi, LuckyDaikon
Editors: yumi, nihilloligasan, girlrituals, Beau
Programmer: yumi
Contributors: Zakamutt, Funnerific
Previously: BlackBane91 (Translation), aho (Editing)
Thank you for your contributions 💜
If you'd like to chat, please join our Discord.Alternatively, you can also reach us on the Fuwanovel forums.


Let's be real, that's why you're here.

  • Translation: Roughly 66.00% done

  • Editing: Plenty done, plenty still left

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You shouldn't make this page your only source of updates.